See How We do Digital Signage

Our Digital philosophy

A digital screen is a powerful marketing tool for your business. While your sales staff is working, so is your network. Branding can help imprint your clients with a lasting image of your company. Our content is designed to catch the eye of clients, so that they pay attention to any message you desire to communicate. Encourage your customers to sign up to your email newsletter, or social media efforts. The best part is you can conduct sales and promotions using the screens, without incurring any additional cost and lead time of print for promotional material, or sales signs.

Customized broadcasting

All types of businesses are taking advantage of this new technology. A store bought television can be more than just a TV. Vizimo Digital provides an end to end service that turns your TV into a custom private channel for your business. What does this mean for you? Increased brand awareness by 48%. Create a 32% upswing in overall sales volumes. Impulse the average purchase amount by 30%.

Service, service, service

We are experts at providing your venue with a end to end solution that is based on five key principles, content, screen placement, technology, management and at the core service. We believe our customers, needs, demands, and concerns, should be addressed 24/7. Our value in service is what defines us as a company.

Network Types

Digitize your information for customers to increase sales!

Keep employees informed on company performance and safety practices.

Create your own in-house marketing channel that promotes various sales and marketing campaigns to your customers.

Is your business looking to get digital?